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  • Legendary Super Saiya-Jin 4

    Hello guys, if any of you are wonering why this wiki died. It is because many of the users here left and went to a new Naruto RP Wiki. This new one is called Naruto Akkipuden Wiki. Here is a link to it So there you go just incase you still wanna Naruto RP and want a place to do it. I encourage all of you too come. 

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  • Legendary Super Saiya-Jin 4

    Hey guys, since Kululu12, Ricky, and Zion have all left this wiki. We don't have any bureaucrats and admins anymore, so the wiki died. So I decided to request bureaucrat rights from Wikia so that I could revive this wiki and promote other active users. So basically, I want to know what you guys think about this? 

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  • Legendary Super Saiya-Jin 4

    Hey guys, I've noticed we've been really inactive here and this wiki has died again. What can we do to revive it? I miss RPing here and we've even had some new users while we were inactive. I think we should start coming here and RPing again. Another thing I wanted to point out is that if we're gonna become active again, we're gonna need to either enforce the rules here or change them. Because a lot of people are breaking them or just doing illogical things that contradict the Narutoverse. The Community Messages should also be updated because they're extremely outdated.

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