Team Senshi
Biographical information
Members Conner Sarutobi , Zan Uchiha , Rennie Deremoinai and Senshi Hyuga
Combined Experience TBA
Village Affiliation Hidden Leaf
Team Jutsu

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Team Senshi is a team of ninja from the Hidden Leaf.


They have all known eachother for awhile and were friends in the Academy. All three of them Graduated at the top of their class.


The TeacherEdit


Senshi Hyuga is the Jonin of the team. He is technically the leader but Conner is still considered the leader among the students. He is kind of young but is very powerful.    

The Leader Edit


Conner Sarutobi is considered the leader among the students even though he is a lower rank than Rennie. He is very powerful for his age and claims that he is the strongest of the team. He is very skilled in Taijutsu and Ninjutsu, he is also very good with Genjutsu but almost never uses it. He can use pretty much any weapon imaginably. 


The Warrior:

Zan Uchiha is another member of Team Senshu. He claims himself the leader, but makes acception to Conner being the leader, although Zan does lead some missions. He is a very powerful Shinobi, he's pretty up-pitched, and cheery, but when it comes to it, is very tough, and mature.

The UnderdogEdit

Rennie Ch

Rennie Deremoinai is still considered the weakest. He is powerful but compared to Conner and Zan he is weak. However, Rennie can still make the most out of dire situations and still pull through and claim victory. He is very skilled in lightning techniques and when using the 1st demonic gate his speed is incredible.

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