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Metsubō Susanoo
Metsubō Susanoo

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Metsubō Susanoo (滅亡須佐之男, Destruction Susanoo) is similar to Susanoo. Same as Susanoo it requires Mangekyō Sharingan and combines Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi. Unlike the original Susanoo this Susanoo feeds off the life of other people (or animals) and/or object such as plants and trees, rather than the life of the user. Metsubō Susanoo also consumes less chakra than the original Susanoo. However, the user can only use Metsubō Susanoo to a certain point without having Metsubō Susanoo consume it's user whole. Metsubō Susanoo is much stronger than the original and causes a lot more destruction as well. One punch from Metsubō Susanoo can send the opponent flying for miles and miles until they can be seen no more. Metsubō Susanoo is also twice as large as the original susanoo.

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