Kamigan (神眼; Literally meaning "God Eye") is a Dojutsu used by Karasu Hatake. It has many different powers. It can keep up with all movements and copy things like the Sharingan, it can also create and counter genjutsu like the Sharingan. It is capable of seeing through objects and also seeing the chakra network like a Byakugan. It also has a 360 degree line of sight. Another ability it grants the user is that it gives the user huge chakra reserves, comparable to a Jinchuriki, it also take very little chakra to maintain despite its power. In addition, like the Rinnegan, it grants the user the ability to learn and use all 5 basic chakra elements. This dojutsu also grants the user many of the same abilities as the Rinnegan does. The final ability that the user gains from this Dojutsu is that they no longer have to create hand seals to perform jutsu, and can use jutsu with just their eyes. In short, the Kamigan can give a skilled user the powers of the Sharingan, Byakugan, and Rinnegan. 

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