Kakashi Uzamaki
Aliases Kashi
Journey Information
Experience 0
Ryō 0
Biographical Information
Birthdate september 17th
Gender male
Age 12
Height 4'3
Weight 90
Blood Type O+
Classification jinchuriki
Affiliation konohagakure
Family Kakashi Hatake(father)
Team team kakashi
Clan Hatake
Chakra Natures lightning release
Kekki Genkai sharingen
Ninja Rank Genin
Academy Grad. Age Academy Grad. Age.12
kunnai, shuriken

lightning cutter one flash,

lightning beast running technique,

lightning release:shadow clone,

lightning cutter,

lightning release:rasengan

Physical AppearanceEdit

looks are simmilar to fathers but without the left eye scar but with a scar on the left hand. wears a black forehead protector during events


serious mater-of-fact attiude,quote. "Go overkill, works every time."


~Add later during RP~


Jinchuriki skills:close friendship with spirit fox tailed beast allows him to use tailed beast chakra. basic strength:considerd a weakling while he was in the academy. great speed: one of his best abilitys.he will usually use it to get close to be able to use most of his jutsu. exelent ninjutsu: he has incredable chakra control and average chakra levels


~Stats will be added by Admin~


Mission Tracker
Mission Ryo Gained EXP Gained Date
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